14 September 2016

On reducing waste

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…and living a life more aligned with our values. 
Ever since I started on my path to simplicity, I have tiptoed around the concept of zero waste, or, in a more moderate way, making efforts to produce less waste.

07 September 2016

Forget Me Not | #4

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Time goes by so quick if we don’t take the time to appreciate all the little joys of life. Should we wait for the sparkles and the fireworks to remember a moment with awe? Yet the extraordinary is so rare. One of the messages of simplicity is to learn to enjoy the ordinary, the trivial that makes most of our life. Here are some daily pieces of life I have been grateful for lately.

31 August 2016

The joy of learning and beginning again

As you may have noticed if you live in the northern hemisphere, my favourite season is coming. The physalis is turning orange, plums are all over the market, and regular newscasters are back on TV after weeks of summer holidays. September is also the season for renewal - new activities, timetable, stationery, resolutions, and learning...

24 August 2016

Seen and Inspired #1

As I watched inspiring videos on YouTube recently, I thought it might be interesting to share some of those with you around a particular theme, as these videos may inspire you as they inspired me. For this first article, I have gathered a few videos on the topic of stuff and minimalism.

18 August 2016

On Finding Yourself

“Don't get lost. Give it a try. Go find the place that you're wishing for.” 
— Natsuki Takaya 

One thing I have discovered with the journey toward simplicity, is that removing clutter uncovers the essential. It was sometimes long buried and forgotten below layers of convention, musts and social pressure.

10 August 2016

Blog | A refresh

As you may have noticed, I have slightly updated the blog’s look and feel. Articles have been more sparse lately, and there are many reasons for that, among which too much work and more energy dedicated to fiction writing (in French). However, I do enjoy writing in English and discussing with you, and I still have a lot to learn toward a simple life, so I have decided to refresh this little space and dedicate more time to posting regular updates.

04 August 2016

Food For Thought | #17

It has been a while since I shared some food for thought with you. Time passes and life is transformed through imperceptible daily changes. With this evolution comes a new approach to writing and sharing thoughts. While I think of ways to adapt this blogging space to who I am becoming,  I have a few reads to share with you. I hope you'll like them as much as I did.